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“Perry Cohen is an incredible healer. His understanding of Chinese medicine, anatomy, yoga and therapeutic body work makes his treatments amazing! Perry has been an inspiration in my life. He has helped me with positive dietary recommendations, injuries, and living in a more balanced way through self awareness. We are very blessed to have him in this community!!!”

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“Being the intuitive healer and compassionate teacher that he is, Perry has shown me ways to practice and embrace good health for the body, mind and spirit. I so appreciate his presence in my life.”

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“Before I met Perry, every time I caught a cold it would deepen into bronchitis. Thanks to Perry’s knowledge and skill, my immune system has steadily grown stronger. Not a single recurrence of bronchitis in at least 4 years!”

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“We believe Miyu has “Magic Hands”, the kind that transfer her wonderful giving spirit and healing touch to the lucky recipient of her God given talents!

Miyu has a way of making our body and mind go to a place of complete relaxation. Our time with Miyu is something we look soooo forward to. We view our visits as part of our regular health and well being regime. We are so thankful we have her in our lives.”

~ Douglas and Karen S.   
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“Driving into YU Healing Arts parking lot, my mind and body relax. Perry has created a sacred zen-like space where I feel safe to receive nourishment and healing from his counsel and skilled hands. He helps me access my body’s wisdom, balance and a new perspective on aging gracefully……And I love his Yin Yoga workshops – learning to open pathways of energy in my own practice!”

~ Katie – nutrition consultant   
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“YU Healing turns the mysteries of oriental medicine into loving healing. My symptoms have never come back…”

~ J.C.   
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“I have been a client of Miyu for many years and consider my treatments an important part of my overall physical and mental wellness program. On the rare occasion when I do have a special need, she is able to locate the source of my discomfort and send me home feeling so much better.

I truly believe that regular treatments have helped keep me healthy and balanced through even the most difficult times. I always look forward to my treatments with Miyu!”

~ Judy P.   
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“When I had lower back pain I tried everything to get relief but could not. Miyu was able to provide lower back pain relief and after breaking two bones in my foot, she was able to help me by getting circulation back in my foot. I saw Miyu once a week for several weeks and received Perry’s acupuncture. This did more to heal my foot than physical therapy. YU Healing Arts is such a wonderful place to go for Shiatsu therapy and acupuncture. When I walk in the door, I immediately feel a sense of welcoming peace and balance.

I heartily recommend Miyu’s Shiatsu therapy. This treatment is a proactive way of body alignment that can help prevent injuries. This practice is also a good way of releasing stress and anxiety.”

~ Susan L.   
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“After a shiatsu session with Miyu I feel renewed, refreshed, revitalized, re-energized and reinvigorated! She’s the best!!!”

~ Marcia F.