miyu with singing bowls

Sound Healing

“Born out of the earth

through tremendous pressure and heat

Crystal singing bowls are here to sing.

Vibration is their language, the pulse of the earth.

Sound is our guide,

Where the guide takes us is a field, a field of silence

a state of deep listening.

This field is pure, ancient and eternal,

This field is our home that sustains all lives.

In this field, we are one.”

miyu sound therapy
miyu with singing bowls

Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls

I want to invite you to a place within yourself……….A place of deep stillness, silence, relaxation and peace. A place of oneness.

The complex and pure therapeutic sound vibrations of crystal singing bowls synchronize our brain waves to achieve profound meditative states and induces deep relaxation of the body. Every cell in the human body has a geometric crystalline structure. The vibrations from the crystal singing bowls act as an oscillator, magnifying and transmitting pure tones into every cell.

Alchemy crystal singing bowls are made with quartz crystals infused with gemstones and precious metals to create a multitude of subtle and intricate sound vibrations. The beautiful resonance created when playing unique combinations of singing bowls heightens our sensitivities and expands our consciousness. 

For more information about Miyu’s monthly Sound Healing Meditation program visit Mountain Stream Meditation Center, Nevada City.