Yu Healing Arts - photo of gold fish pondWhy I do what I do…..

As far back as I can remember I’ve been interested in things Asian. I studied martial arts as a young boy, going to the local Korean Taekwon-Do studio after school. Then in college began the practice of Japanese Aikido. I was introduced to Shiatsu massage at age of 13 and sought out different teachers. I ate with chopsticks. Originally from an East Coast Jewish family, my parents were only one generation from the old country in Europe. They had a hard time understanding my fascinations. My mother and I would spar in the kitchen over the idea of putting seaweed in her chicken soup.
In college I created my own major  – Traditional Medicines of Peoples of the World and that began my travel of the world in search of masters, healers and shaman.

I believe we all have a purpose here on this amazing planet. To educate and develop ourselves. To polish our souls. Our health is integral to that process. Sickness and disease can become a distraction from our journey of self development. Every moment holds potential for our growth and healing as human beings. I dedicate myself and my practice to supporting people along their journey and helping one to find balance again in their bodies so they may live to their utmost potential.

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