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Miyu Tamamura

Shiatsu Therapist・Sound Healing Practitioner・Artist

Miyu Tamamura is a native of Kyoto, Japan. She moved to United States in 2000 and became an American citizen in 2013. Miyu and her husband Perry together established YU Healing Arts, a center dedicated to the healing arts including Acupuncture, Shiatsu Therapy, Herbal Medicine and Sound Healing.

Miyu graduated from the Acupressure Institute as a Certified Shiatsu Practitioner in 2003. Working intimately with her clients, she creates a healing space for one to integrate all aspects of self bringing one into a state of harmony. Miyu uses Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls for vibrational sound healing to deepen the therapeutic effects in her practice.

Miyu teaches the monthly program of Sound Healing Meditation at Mountain Stream Meditation Center in Nevada City, CA. 

Miyu’s commitment to transformation and healing is the very energy that plays her orchestra of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, returning us to the silence within.

Miyu holds a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Kyoto University of Art. Miyu studied Sho, Japanese Calligraphy. She teaches Sho and enjoys creating calligraphy art for private collections and commercial projects. Her work has been sold as prints and cards nationwide. Her passion for the healing arts and calligraphy has blossomed into public calligraphy art performances.

In addition to her healing practice, Miyu owns and operates Sacred Japan, a travel company. For 20 years, she’s been leading groups on transformational journeys into the heart of Japan, creating a bridge of peace between Japanese culture and the West.

Miyu’s practice is never apart from her love of nature, art, music, poetry and silence. She loves to sing and play her crystal singing bowls and is committed to deep transformation and healing in herself and others.

I want to invite you to a place within yourself………. A place of deep stillness, silence, relaxation and peace. A place of oneness.

miyu japanese calligraphy
miyu japanese calligraphy

For more information about Miyu’s monthly Sound Healing Meditation program visit Mountain Stream Meditation Center, Nevada City.

Silence is my teacher. Deep Listening is my practice.

I’ve always wondered what truth is. As an artist, I’ve tried different modalities to find the most authentic expression of my inner heart. I realized it is in the expression of energy that holds the truth for me. 

Behind all existence, is energy. My wish is to become an instrument of healing.

Deep relaxation is integral to deep healing. 

I combine Shiatsu Therapy and vibrational sound healing in my treatments. Energy flow in our body can become blocked and stagnant. By applying therapeutic pressure to acupressure points, pain and discomfort are relieved. Sound vibrations further enhance the harmonizing effects in all aspects of ourselves. I find this combination most powerful to restore our health.

Every healing journey is unique and every person has their own beautiful symphony, a vibrational composition of energies that require a unique tuning. Some people respond well to a light and gentle touch. Others respond well to deeper pressure. My goal is for you to experience a truly integrated state of wellness.

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