Miyu Tamamura of YU Healing ArtsMiyu Tamamura has an eclectic background of studies. She graduated from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, as a Certified Shiatsu Practitioner in 2003 and began her healing practice in Nevada City, California.
She practices Reiki and continues to study under Yvonne Watcher and incorporates this ancient Japanese healing method into her Shiatsu treatments.
Miyu also uses Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls for vibrational sound healing to deepen the therapeutic effects.

Miyu holds a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Kyoto University of Art. Miyu studied Sho, Japanese calligraphy in Japan under the master calligraphist Makiko Kan. Miyu practices and teaches Sho and enjoys creating calligraphy art for private collection and commercial projects. Her work has been sold as prints and cards nationwide. Her passion for the healing arts and calligraphy has blossomed into public calligraphy art performances.

Miyu’s practice is never apart from her love of nature, art, music, poetry and silence. She loves to sing, dance and is committed to deep transformation and healing in herself and others.

Miyu Tamamura is a native of Kyoto, Japan. She immigrated to United States in 2000 and became an American citizen in 2013.

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