Miyu Tamamura of YU Healing Arts healer using Shiatsu Acupressure Therapy, Reiki and vibrational sound healingI want to invite you to a place within yourself where you might have never been before……….A place of deep peace, stillness, silence and relaxation where only oneness is present.     
Miyu Tamamura

Since I was a child, I’ve always wondered what truth is. As an artist, I’ve tried different modalities to find the most suitable expression of my inner heart. Through that process, I realized it is the expression of energy itself that holds the truth for me. Behind all existence, is energy. As a lover of simplicity, my expression is as simple and powerful as energy itself. Therefore, my art is felt through touch.

Human touch has been a modality of healing since the beginning of our species. In all cultures on earth, millions of hands have healed millions of bodies and souls. I feel humble to have the great fortune to practice hands on healing. When my hands are on another human being, the energy of all who had dedicated their lives to this healing art flows through me.

I combine Shiatsu Acupressure Therapy, Reiki and vibrational sound healing in my treatments. Through the sensitivity of my hands, I can detect where energies are blocked and stagnant. By applying therapeutic pressure to acupressure points, pain and discomfort are relieved. I find this combination most powerful to restore our health.

Deep relaxation is experienced through hands on therapy and is a state of integration of all aspects of ourselves. Unless we actually experience that harmonized state, good health is merely a concept nothing more. When we are finally……..deeply relaxed……we arrive at the state of oneness. Our body starts to breathe deeper, releases stagnation and toxins and naturally starts healing. Once the body starts this process, our mental, emotional and spiritual self also starts to recover it’s balance. All of this powerful harmonization happens naturally and simply without any effort. All we have to do is to breathe and surrender into the most powerful occurrence of healing taking place within ourselves.

My work is to be present and is dedicated to your well being and your journey of healing. Every journey is unique and every person has their own symphony, a vibrational composition of energy that requires a unique tuning. Some people respond well to light and gentle touch. Others respond well to deeper pressure. By listening to your body my goal is for you to experience a truly integrated state of wellness.

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